GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music Gathering/Festival – opening in 4 weeks …. news, news, news !

aaaaaa picture from “Hang to Be 2016”, Belgium

In exactly 4 weeks, the GRIASDI 2016 HANDPAN & WORLD MUSIC Gathering/Festival will start and i am already VERY looking forward to meet all of you in person. Right now there are still some tickets left for the gathering – but seems like, pretty soon it will be sold out ! So if you want to take part, you better book your ticket !

griasadi2016 view from the GRIASDI 2016 festival area

Many beautiful things are going on with the organisation, and still people from all over show up and will be part of the Event. Thx to all of you – especiall the ones who really take looooong distance flights to come…..

Here we go with the latest “GRIASDI NEWS”:

  • Many (at least 5-10) Handpan Makers will take part at the gathering – and there will be the chance even, to buy handpans at the GRIASDI 2016 directly from the makers ! no joke 😉 – more infos will follow soon…..
  • With joy the GRIASDI 2016 is collaborating with the Dragonfly NGO ! We will try to raise some money at the event for keep going with the NGO’s projects….. lets share our love and happiness also with those, who need it most
  • There will be a collaboration with the “neighbors” of the festival area, the buddhist center GOMDE who is celebrating their summer-festival at the same time. More info about will follow soon…..
  • Oh, yes – the gods of PANIVERSE told me, that there will be beautiful weather at the festival time. good news as well …….. 🙂

More infos about the GRIASDI 2016 will follow. Stay tuned by checking back to the Event homepage:

And now some new Handpan music – played by Marcel Hutter on his *JanPan* (F Integral) called “Dragonfly WuWu” – enjoy !