GRIASDI 2016 HANDPAN & WORLD MUSIC GATHERING – the organizers review

The GRIASDI 2016 is history now. What an epic, sometimes chaotic and beautiful event it was ! Thx Universe,

thx PANIVERSE, thx the artists, thx all you, who took part ! 🙂

End of April, all started with my idea, organizing a little gathering at my privat property with around 20 people. The plannings about, many “by accident” happend things and people i met in this time, let my plans for this gathering grow and grow. So at the beginning of March i decided, to organize “something bigger” – and i started with the booking of artists. Just 12 days later, this GRIASDI 2016 Killer Lineup was fixed and booked ! Thx again to all artist ! Just because you was ready to accept my very unusually conditions it was possible for me, to bring all of you together ! Something i really wanted to make real, since i did know, that many of you had no chance to meet for long time.

One of the big motivations for me to organize the GRIASDI 2016 was also, that i wanted to help to bring the Handpan Musicians together with “my beloved Indian Musicians”. Since long time i am deeply connected with them – and i really do love them. They are my brothers and to me it felt like, that they could contribute beautiful ideas, rhythms and music to the Handpan Musicians and the Community. I wanted to bring the Handpan together with its forgetten brothers and sisters, like Tabla, Morchang, Kartal, Sitar, Dolakh and many more.
I am happy about, that this comming together worked so very beautiful. All of you, have been at the GRIASDI 2016 know what i talk about.

With booking this very big lineup, combined with the fakt that i was organizing the GRIASDI 2016 as a “one man show” (related to organisation) i was already on the way (without realizing in this time) to jump into something, cant be managed without a bigger team. But for me it felt like “oh, i will manage anyhow. all will be fine….”. Trusting in life is something good, generally. But one thing is sure folks: Never ever again i will organize and run through an event like this, without a team. I have learned my lessons at the GRIASDI 2016 – and i am grateful for 😉
thx again for all of you, who has been ready to help me out at the event with sponanious helping hands on many places. Without your help, probably the event would have turned into something, nobody likes. thx !


A BIG BIG THX as well to all the artists on stage. Especially those, who had the most crazy stage-times on saturday night. Adrian J Portia at 3:30am – Kabecao/Joao Nunes/Sebastiao Bergmann at 4:40am – MATSUMOTO ZOKU at 6:00am !!! And all of you was ready to follow that really crazy Freestyle ! I really do love you guys for many reasons – but for being ready at this most crazy stage-times, i want to kiss you !!! you are great souls ! Biggest THX to all of you ! 🙂
A big THX also to the audience. It was really outstanding to see, that in late nighttime and even at sunrise time, many of you was listening and dancing with smiles in your faces ! The most beautiful people i have ever seen !
And again: Thanks for all your understanding – and for following a not planned “Freestyle Lineup Timeline” !


I am so very happy, that at the end everything was working at the event ! Thank you for all your beautiful responses. For me, this gathering was going on for nearly 4 weeks, since i was hosting many of the artists, musicians and friends at my privat house befor and also after the official event. Today, the “last gathering guests” left, and i already start missing all of you ! I feel blessed and very very happy about this most beautiful time we shared !


Please folks, as you probably know, i also wanted and still want to support the “DRAGON FLY NGO with my event – and for all of you, are ready to help and support, PLEASE MAKE A at least little DONATION. Lets share our happiness and love with the one, need it most !

And at the end, let me announce: Yes, there will be a GRIASDI 2017 for sure 🙂 – it will be little different, better planned but for sure as beautiful als the GRIASDI 2016. I am already looking forward to it – and also, to meet all of you again !

Dingadongadingadang – Peace & Love and all the best Vibes to all of you, Martin

See the official Picture and Video Collection of the GRIASDI 2016 here –>