GRIASDI 2016 Handpan Gathering – first review of this magical “Freestyle Event”

What a Gathering ! What a magical, beautiful time we have shared at the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music Gathering. Since it was a premiere, and was kind of “over-motivated” i would like to apologize for all the organisation things that didnt work like they should. Next time, those things will work much better. Promised ! 🙂


Thank you for all your understanding and support. Waiting for food and stagetimes of 6am are not common folks. But you all really rocked it ! the BIGGEST thank you for all your support – and being ready to just follow a freestile-event without going angry. Community & “Artists” – I do love you ! really !


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Thanks to all Artist for their most beautiful gigs they played – even the stagetimes have been totally crazy for some of them. Adrian Portia – 3am, Kabecao & Joao & Sebastiano – 4:30am, Matsumoto Zoku – 6am! With your support, you have blown me away ! THANKS !


Thanks to you folks, the audience ! What else to say, than: YOU ROCK ! Stay up all night, dance like crazy at 6am is not common ! I do LOVE YOU, community !

A more detailed Review will follow !

Here you find the LINK to the PHOTO ALBUM of the GRIASDI 2016 (Facebook)

and HERE the VIDEOS of the GRIASDI 2016 – ENJOY !