Good times in Switzerland! Meeting so many good people from the Paniverse – sharing beautiful times !

Hey Good people from the PANIVERSE !

Last weekend i was visiting Echo Sound Sculpture to meet with Ezahn – and of corse, all the new AsaChan Sculptures. Beside that, it was great to spend again good times with Kabe and Joao who played a concert at the “Living Room sESSion”. Since the GRIASDI Gathering in summer, we haven’t met in person, so this days now we really enjoyed. BIG thanks to Eva (Blanko) for hosting all of us – your hospitality is unreached 🙂
Thanks for all this, and all the nice Jam’s we had. Dingadongading !

Every single Pantam i was playing/checking at Ezahn’s place war really beautiful – no surprise! And i was checking (nearly) all of them. Beside the new designs (very beautiful “Ding desings”) there are also some new scales i loved a lot. I only say “Low G” ……..

The “DuBas” is opening new doors of sounds.

For me it was also the first chance to play the MiRim. The new “MiRim’s” show, that even smaller Pans can be tuned into “full power”. I really was blown away when i realized, that those “little beauties” even can be tuned into “low scales” without loosing quality in sound. Flavio Brant Alvim, the maker of the “MiRim’s” is a beautiful soul – and he definitly knows about the magic of tuningRead more about the MiRim at the official ESS Homepage.

Kabeção’s and João’s Concert at EchoSoundSculpture Living Room was totally outstanding. Its hard to express in written words, what kind of most beautiful magic they unpack on stage. Beautiful, brilliant, deep touching, outstanding, pure, healing, directly into heart,……are just the first words come up in my mind, when i think back. All of us who had already the chance to enjoy this set, we know about, what i try to describe. And the one who had no chance till now – check dates, check locations and try hard to make it to their concerts. You sure will not regret – you will probably be blown away like all of us !

Kabeção’s and João’s – i do love you both :). What a great time happens all time we meet, dingadongading ! – so very happy for being connected with you guys so close 🙂

“Beside all this” it was so nice to meet so many great people from PANIVERSE. Some i have met first time in person, and every single encouter was feeling nice. Special thx goes to David for delivering his great Oliveoil to me, and Benny and Alessia for their GREAT GREAT Pantam/Handpan Oil (Phoenix Handpan Care – i already started testing it…later on i will post the results) and Daniel , a new Hanpan Maker for showing me first time one of his great Pantams … a really beautiful HandPan!

Peace and Love and all the best vibes to all of you ! DINGADONGADING 🙂