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Handpan playing for World Freedom 30.12.2016 – Collective Power !

30. December 2016

The year is almost over and it is hard to get along, with the power of the mind and spirituality, seeing all these acts of cruelty on our planet Earth.

Besides many beautiful things here on earth, theres worldwide war, agony, injustice and poverty. Heartbreaking pictures of Children and Adults, that can not be described, wanders around the world.

Many wrong informations, censored articles and posts on social-media, the lying corporate Media, lack of interest, egoism, or Self-realization prevent us from being clear in the mind, and to live in peace and harmony together.

Besides i be on mind with this topics for years now, it is a jungle , which is difficult to see trough.

It also isnt enough for me anymore, to know why the things are as they are. Which country, which corrupt crook, wich reasons lead us this way, so that we, after thousands of years, still kill each other and exploit Humankind, Nature, Animals as well.

I would like to appeal to you, to take a moment, before the year gets to an end. Use your Hang and Handpans for World-Peace.

Be it at home, alone or together with other musicians. Please sit down for a moment, with open hearts/love and play with the intention of universal peace in mind.

This time we dont do it, to show how we can play on our Handpans, or for likes. The intention should be to to send something positive and love in the Matrix, with this magnificent Instrument.

You dont own a Hang or Handpan? Offcourse you’re warmly invited to play any other Instrument, or just light a candle or be in toughts with us. Creativity is welcome.!!!

I would like to thank all the wonderfull people, from the bottom of my heart which accompanied, touched, challenged and supported me. Thanks for all the love you gave to me.

We cannot do this alone, we need each other, we are one.

Wise is who can learn from other people, strong is someone whos capable to overcome his own self.

Be the change that you want to See in the world.

In this sense i wish you a nice and conscious transition and start in the new year 2017. You can do it anonymously ore you can post your world freedom music contribution.

With gratitude
Love and peace for 2017 and the future.




30. December 2016