DEEPAN in progress – New generation Pan’s, New generation Players :)


There are new DEEPAN‘s on the way. Daniel the DEEPAN maker has got the perfect flow it seems, so all the new shaped and tuned Pan’s from the DEEPAN workshop are really high quality Handpans !

Annaziska_malte_03 Annaziska_malte_01 Annaziska_malte_02

The last weekend Milan, the “Singing Steel” maker came to visit me. Together we went to the DEEPAN workshop to meet Daniel and his family, to share a good time – and also to share the knowledge and experiences about steel, nitriding, shaping, tuning, the life 😉 and all the other Handpan maker-themes. It was just beautiful to see, HOW SHARING LET GROW EVERYBODY who is ready to do it !

Marcel Hutter, a young and highly talented austrian Handpan Player (see video) also joined us and made a little break from all his studio duties, since he is right now recording a new CD.

20160618_164633 20160618_165758 20160619_105138

It was also great to see, how the next generation of Handpan players grows up – and with how much fun and passion they already play the handpan. Really worth to see how Rimi (son of Daniel, he now runs his own youtube-channel even!) already activates the Octave and also the Quint on Handpans ! Go Rimi, go !!! 🙂

Thanks the UNIVERSE, thanks the PANIVERSE and thanks to, Daniel, Christina, Fabian, Rimi, Jani, Milan and Marcel for your open heart. It was again a phantastic time we have shared – and many more will follow ! 🙂