Dancing while playing the PANTAM ? Why not :)

If you would have asked me just some time ago about, what i think about Pantam stands, my answer would have been like that: < If you are not “physically connected” with the Pantam while playing, you will miss to feel most of the vibes, those instruments offer to you. Pantam stands ? No, i am not interested in ! >

Today, my mind has changed – and i turned into a big fan of playing the Pantams on stands. One big reason for this change is, that i finally found the stands for my Pantams (and the RAV) i really love. And this love has many reasons. I was, and i am still skeptical about the use of drum- or snare stands for Pantams. I do not like them to be metal (interferences), nor do I like that I place these wonderful, handmade instruments on industrially manufactured stands. To shorten the story about my search for the stands, that meets all my requests, i just want to point you to the search-result.

Richard Browring, an English Artisan Instrument Maker, Artist and Musician, living in Holland, makes beautiful handmade stands for Pantams. They are beautifully crafted and represent a perfect system as well ! Richard’s company “SOUNDS INSPIRING” offers many different variants (models for sitting and standing, also ‘folding able’ and now, very new also in height adjustable variants). Check out his website and get in contact with him. He also makes custom height stands with no extra charge ! And as you can see on the pic, the stands come with handmade bags, which finally makes them a great product !

For getting more informations about Richards very new variant of the “height adjustable stands”, visit his Website, and get in contact with him. You also can contact Richard via Facebook !

(click the detail-pics to enlarge)