Who will perform at the GRIASDI 2016 ? Preview #1 – NADISHANA-KUCKHERMANN-METZ TRIO !!!

Who will perform at the GRIASDI 2016 ? Preview #1 – NADISHANA-KUCKHERMANN-METZ TRIO !!!

The GRIASDI 2016 HANDPAN & WORLD MUSIC Festival is happy to announce the NADISHANA-KUCKHERMANN-METZ TRIO as one of the HEADLINERS at the GRIASDI 2016. Dont miss their performance on Saturday 30th July 2016 at the Bäckerberg/AUSTRIA ! NADISHANA-KUCKHERMANN-METZ TRIO [Siberia / Germany] This trio is exploring the possibilities of the Hang drum and other handpans in […]

Brand new HANDPANS TO BUY & Handpan Tuning Service at the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan Festival !

I am happy to announce, that there will be a Handpan Tuning Service available, offered by Darren Dyke (Pantheon Steel, HALO) at the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music Festival. contitions: Tuning price is €150 per instrument. If you are interested in Darren’s service, please contact him by email (pancycle-at-me.com) and please fill “tuning at […]

GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music Gathering/Festival – opening in 4 weeks …. news, news, news !

picture from “Hang to Be 2016”, Belgium In exactly 4 weeks, the GRIASDI 2016 HANDPAN & WORLD MUSIC Gathering/Festival will start and i am already VERY looking forward to meet all of you in person. Right now there are still some tickets left for the gathering – but seems like, pretty soon it will be sold […]

Koji Matsumoto @ PANIVERSE – busking and GRIASDI 2016 WarmUp

Since Koji Matsumoto came over for a visit at the “PANIVERSE headquater” we have spent a beautiful time together. Beside talkings, making music and just enjoy, Koji was also ready for busking on the streets of Linz. What a perfect timing, because the flyers for the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan Festival arrived just 2 hours befor we […]

“PEACE’n’PANs 2016” – what a beautiful, harmonic and peaceful weekend filled with music and love !

The last weekend we have met for the “Peace’n’Pans 2016” here in Austria (Wachau). “We”, this was Handpan Lovers, Players and also a Handpan maker (Milan Zdvorily, Singing Steel) from Austria, Columbia, India and Slovacia. What a beautiful weekend filled with Peace, Love, Fun, Music, Yoga, slacklining, singing, talking, cooking, relaxing,…..  BEING ;). The gods […]

GRIASDI Handpan & World Music NIGHT 2016 – Tickets available !

[de] Die Veranstaltungsseite und auch das Online Ticket Service für die “GRIASDI Handpan & World Music NIGHT 2016” (30.Juli 2016, Bäckerberg/Scharnstein, OÖ, Austria) ist ab sofort online. Tickets können nun verbindlich gekauft werden ! Teilen ist sehr willkommen ! … und dabei sein und Tickets kaufen sowieso 🙂 [en] Event-Page and Ticketing (online ticket service) […]

HANG’IN AZORES 2016 – the lineup !

HANG’IN AZORES 2016 – the lineup !

Brand new – the GREAT Lineup for HANG IN AZORES  (1-2-3-4 September 2016) Festival organized by the Belgium Charity “Quinta Do Mundo” in partnership with the Azorean” Associação Escravos da Cadeinha” Performers 2016 Carlos Rodrigues Duarte Salgado Benny Bettane Dani Galfione Sanya Barakova Joao Jardim Mayuko Taki Mano Daniel Pena Ivo Caim Hang In Azores […]

PANIVERSE – HandPan Festival Calendar NEW

The PANIVERSE HandPan Festival Calendar tries to cover all the HandPan festivals around the world. Its simply not possible to collect all of them without the help of people point out. Beside the Festival Calendar there is also the PANIVERSE HandPan Festival Organizer – to get a quick overview about all the HandPan festivals. Enjoy […]