How to take care of HandPans ? Keep them in good conditions forever !

Owning a HandPan is great, but what’s about the HandPan care ?
What should and can I do to keep the HandPan in a perfecte state ? How to make sure, the HandPan will not be damaged when i travel around with it ? How preventing rust and other effects that influences the Pantam in bad way ? How to store the HandPan at home ? Here we go:


For transporting HandPans in a save and perfect way, HardcaseTechnologies developed their great hardcases. As far as i know, there are no other products that could keep up with. You can find all informations and pricings on their nice Webpage.


The following are a few points of concern and recommendations for promoting a long and healthy life of HandPans [source: Saraz HandPans]. 


To avoid a bad climat for your pan even when packed into cases, i recommend to pack always a moister-eater with your pan. You can get them fe. at “Sounds Inspiring“.




If something is spilled on your Hand Pan and it needs to be cleaned, use only Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This is available at any pharmacy or grocery store.



The PHOENIX Oil is developed for Handpans – and nothing else ! Nothing toxic is included in this product and for me it was the first time, that after treating my instruments i dont run to the bathroom to wash my hands immediately. The PHOENIX feels and it also smells like (very nice and fresh “lemon flaviour”) a beauty-product !

  • Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients and essencial oil with antibacterial effect, it helps to eliminate dust and dirt and to create a protective barrier on the surface without leaving residue and giving shiny finish.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil doesn’t contain aggressive or acidic substances. The pleasant scent of lemongrass is the natural smell of some ingredients in our secret formula.
  • Phoenix Handpan Oil is skin safe, nonhazardous and made with 99,5% of raw vegetal material. Playing every day means touch the instrument and breath the sound. For that reason we believe that is very important to use a natural product who respect the instrument but also your skin and health.




Average variations in temperature have little effect on the long term tuning stability of our sound sculptures. In general, they should not however be left for a prolonged period in vehicles in the hot sun. In direct sunlight, the tuning may shift minimally but will return to it’s correct position when allowed to cool off. Cooler temperatures typically have little effect.


I do not recommend ever storing your handpan in the bag for long periods of time no matter what climate. Make sure to wash the rag you use to wipe the handpan with periodically also. Otherwise, keep it in a dry place where it can’t be easily damaged from falling or something else falling on it.
There are some nice solutions out there already for giving the HandPans a nice looking and save stay at your home…..

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